Our Products

Chliapas SA, having linked its top quality timber name throughout its business, harmoniously combines decades of experience with constant modernization, invests in high-quality certified raw materials in new, state-of-the-art units production and storage of its products

sawn timber 1

Sawn timber

Sawn wood of : oak poplar pine beech chestnut fir
ROUND Wood imported chliapas sa

Round Wood

Selected round wood with or without bark: fir pine oak
round wood chliapas sa

Wooden Constructions

We produce in a machine CNC - Hundergger K2 : gazebos and pergolas, wooden houses and roofs
Composite timber chliapas sa

Composite Timber

Composite timber now dominates construction and has been established as the most suitable material for any wooden construction
MDF wood chliapas sa

Surface Wood

Melamine MDF Novopan Woodworking OSB

Processed Timber

Our company has modern woodworking machines for the production of wooden parts : pillars frets capital beams
Wood imported chliapas sa

Import Wood

Wood imported from the largest European houses